Backscratchers Fibreglass Nail System

Why Choose Backscratchers Fibreglass Nail System? They invented the fibreglass system ! Here are some of the features & benefits of Glass Glaze Fibreglass System…..

Professional marketing support and promotional material are available to BACKSCRATCHERS trained technicians. We will help you build a successful business. No special equipment is needed – just a couple of chairs and a manicure table! There is a minimum stock order of £30.00 Orders are dispatched immediately after they are received.

Please note: On all courses the technician is required to supply a model with 1/16 inch of free edge. No nail biters or under 16s please. It is important that your model has freshly manicured hands, without polish or artificial products.

Glass Glaze Courses

PLEASE NOTE: All training course prices are quoted for training at our head office, London.

Call your local trainer for their price for training. The product price will remain the same.

1 Day GLASS GLAZE FIBREGLASS SYSTEM COURSE - £238.00 + VAT includes training & products.
“Hands On” one day intensive training course plus a refresher at a later date. Manicure experience essential.
Product cost £101.19 inc VAT plus postage.

1 Complete Starter Kit containing:

Two days plus a refresher day – previous manicure training essential.

How To Book A Course
Simply phone us at Supernail or contact the trainer closest to you - click here for a list of the directors.

Note: Conversion courses
Those technicians who have already been trained in another Fibreglass, Extreme or Gel system and who wish to use Backscratchers systems will need to have their present work assessed by one of our Regional Education Directors. There will be a small charge for this conversion.