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Friendship product impression


Dipt in Friendship is a jewel, sparkly green

Cruelty free
Always on trend
No nasties
Vegan friendly

29.00 GRAMS

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Product description

Developed by women, for women
Dipt™ offers a unique, lasting and more caring nail colour system that you and your clients will simply adore. Made with a finely milled coloured acrylic powder and a specially formulated premium-grade resin, dipt™ promises to deliver a fast application process, vibrant colour and a no lamp cure system.

Dipt™ features:
• Cruelty-free and Vegan
• Range of colours and finishes
• Easy to use, minimal filing
• Odour-less
• Non-yellowing
• Lightweight, flexible, strong
• No-lamp cure
• Water resistant
• Easy removal

How to Use

Step 1: Follow hygiene procedures for tools and hands. Prep the natural nail by removing the shine. Push back cuticles and remove any dead tissue. Remove dust with a lint- free wipe or nylon brush.

Step 2: Apply Base leaving a margin of 3mm from the cuticle. Always wipe the brush before replacing

Step 3: Dip the nail into either clear or coloured powder and tap off excess, or sprinkle over and remove excess with a brush

Step4: Apply a 2nd layer of Base leaving a margin of 2mm from the cuticle.

Step 5: Repeat step 3

Step 6: OPTIONAL apply a third layer of Base slightly closer to the cuticle without touching the skin. Repeat step 3

Step 7: Apply a generous amount of Activator to each nail. Seal in the powder and cap the free edge. Leave to dry for 2 min

Step 8: Shape and smooth the sides, free edge and surface with a 240/180 grit file and a white block. Finish by using a sponge file. Remove dust

Step 9: Apply a 2nd coat of Activator as before. Leave to dry for 2 min. Wipe over the nails with a lint-free wipe to remove any trace of Activator before applying the Finish

Step10 Apply a thin layer of Finish to each nail using quick, light strokes. This application does not need to be accurate. Wait 15 secs

Step 11: Apply a 2nd layer of Finish, this time slower with an accurate coverage, capping the free edge. Do not over-brush as this may reduce the finished shine. Leave to dry for 2 min


Polyetyl Methaacrylate, Benzoyl Peroxide, Silca, may contain Titanium dioxide/CI77891, Red 30/CI 73360, Red 6/CI 15850, Mica/CI 77019, Ferric Ferrocyanide/CI77510

Extra tips

  • Keep the neck of bottles free from product. Drain excess liquid from the brush on the inside of the bottle, not the outside.

  • Always wipe brushes on a lint-free pad before replacing in the bottle.

  • If the brush becomes hard, swap it for the brush in the brush softener. Wipe and dry the brush before using. Clean any product from the hard brush before putting into the brush softener.

  • Graduating the application of the product keeping it thin at the cuticle and keeping product off the skin, will stop lifting.

  • Shake or stir the powder before each use for a smooth application.

  • The first coat of Finish should be applied hin and fast.

  • Always make sure the Activator has had time to dry before applying the Finish.

  • Apply a layer of clear powder first when using neons and high pigment colours.

  • Simply soak off by filing 40% of the product, place an acetone soaked cotton pad onto the nail, wrap and secure with foil for 15 mins.

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